I’m going to Asia!!!!!  yes i finally booked a flight yesterday.. so i’m off to Asia in August for 2 weeks.. i can’t wait =)  i have to go to my travel agency again today since they don’t take 2 credit card to make a payment.. i hate charging so much on 1 card then when i see the bill i’m going to have a heart attack.. so i usually spilt between my atm card or another cc… but the lady said since i can’t charge it to 2 different cards i can pay cash.. i don’t carry that much cash around.. most of the time i get less than $20 in my wallet… she said that’s fine come & give me tomorrow.. so today i’m heading there again.. super excited… she already print out my itinerary for me… =)

i’m happy, excited, nervous.. u name it i’m feeling it even though it’s over 2 months away..  i’m going to go see my friend whom i haven’t seen for quiet sometimes.. i known her since i was in kindergarten & well i figure it’s about time.. i never travel alone before… so many things to do & i’m not going to let it happen like the last time i was in Asia (that story is for another day).. i set a timer for what i needed to get done @ work calendar.. so everytime i’m @ work it’ll remind me of things i need to get done… so far i made the lists of stuff i need to buy & bring..

Asia here i come!  SHOPPING!!!!!!