i love today…i somehow feel pretty.. i woke up early do my usual routine (shower) & on top of that i actually woke up early enough to eat breakfast…i can’t remember the last time i ate breakfast @ home…

after lunch i was trying to get some more water from the breakroom, i ran into the lady that work in the different dept..i usually gave her compliment everytime i see her…the reason for that is she always wear something that i think look really good…anyways…she gave me compliment about my heels i was wearing today (which by the way the same one i been wearing every day since i bought the heel)…she had given compliment on that heel but hey whatever i’ll take it…after exchanging how cute i think her heel are she asked u look nice, what do u use for ur face?  i told her just regular Neutrogena product…she then asked r u in love?  haha…i guess i look extra good today.. =)  i told her no i’m happy being single…the truth is i’m happy…i don’t have a bf & i’m not going where i want to be for career wise…but i’m still happy..it’s just one of those days…she also mentioned how good my hair look today… strange cuz it’s same as always…no changing style except i actually took my time this morning to brush my hair w/a comb (not w/my fingers)..

so to summarize all this… do ppl glow when they r in love?  i tend to break out when i’m seeing someone…i think i always feel the pressure to look good & it’s somehow stress me out…everytime i’m about to go see or know someone i have a crush is coming to a party i break out.. on the other hand someone i know who like me but i don’t feel the same way about that person, the day i’m suppose to see them my face is clear & w/out trying anything i look GREAT!  lol..