no matter how much i complained about things doesn’t go according to my plans @ the end it always work out by itself.   I just need to be remembered to be patient.

Things are not going accordingly to plan right now.  I’m alittle sad about this..That’s the reason why i chose to write this topic today.  Life would not be interesting if things just go from A to B.. what if instead of getting to B you ended up in C 1st then back to B. is that so bad?  No. i need to remember that…you learned from ur mistakes & try to focus to achieve your goals..

If you asked me right now what do i want to do w/my life, i would answer i’m a little lost… am i lost?  sometimes i think i’m lost  other time i think i’m just not trying hard enough..But i don’t want to tell people the whole story…i do know what i want w/my life.. i want to get out of here & work abroad…what i really want to do is study abroad but given my finacial situation i can’t.. so i figure i work abroad..but here is the catch..where?  Thinking i really want to go work in SF or SD or SG or Aussie… where do i begin?  i got no clues considering i never been to any of the places i want to work things will be tough…another problems is my family need me to support them… i do feel bad for my mom but there’s a time in life where i just want to tell them off… pls try & find $ for urself & let me live my life…but i don’t have the heart to do that… i know if i don’t get out of here to find myself i would regret this the rest of my life..

So before i figure out all the working abroad…here’s a list of things i want to get done…

1) practice driving more

2) try to visit the places i want to work

3) try & make friends from that area who can help me out down the road

4) save up more $ so i can travel

5) look for more jobs meanwhile

well…starting today i’m doing that…today i applied jobs at least 2…that’s what i’m planning to do..try to applied at least 2 or 3 jobs a day…wish me luck! =)