I often thought once I come to US my life would be easier.  I would figure out everything once I got here… well here i’m after finishing my undergrad & working for almost 2 yrs i still can’t figure out what i want w/my life… is that normal?  some people already know what kind of careers they want when they’re in college & other find out what they want to do w/their life while working…HERE I’M! i can’t figure out while i was in college.. well one of the reasons i like to think i couldn’t figure out was there were so many problems going on w/my life (bad) that i just want to live day to day & not think ahead…i don’t want to think about a yr or two from now on to see what is going to happen…i just want the day to be over..

well…now i’m officially facing reality & so far i’m hating it… i didn’t take the job offers i got when i was in school or when i was out of school.. i was trying to find the “perfect” job that will guide me through the right path.. but guess what? @ the end i ended up taking the job i know full well  i’m going to hate cuz my student loans payment are finally coming in…

what’s next?  i want to travel to another country or state to find a job.. i’m hoping maybe then when i’m away from everyone i know i can finally focus on myself & figure out what i want to do.. unfortunately, that was my plan last yr & this yr something unexpected happen (that’s my life, nothing ever go according to plans) that my dream is officially SHATTER =*(

LIFE IS UNFAIR!  WHY???????  but one thing i’m proud of myself is i come so far… i m @ the point even though it’s not where i want to be but i could never imagine myself being here either when i was young…i should count my blessing…  i finally accept who i’m and i wouldn’t trade my life with anyone (ok i lie maybe some celebrity).. but truth to be told if i didn’t go through hard time in life i would never appreciate what i have now….. =)