i just recently read this blog about how she wished she know about dating life 10 yrs ago…she made a list.. i thought i make a list as well about the mistakes I learned from so called guys that said they liked me…here goes in random order…

1) Have more confidence in yourself.  Most of the time I find myself in a situation where in my heart i’m having doubt whether if the so called relationship will continue or not  but afraid what if i won’t find another guy that will like me.  The answer is there r so many fishes in the sea…another will come ur way.  I read in a web once “don’t try to catch a running train, another one is on its way”  i love the phrase they used… so true!

2)  If he say one day in a life & death situation, he’ll save his ex over u please please take that as a hint & walk away immediately…  lesson learned for me!

3)  After certain amount of time u spent going out dinners w/him & he’s still telling u i still don’t consider u as my gf then u should know already.  It never going to happen.

4)  Moving on is hard but go out & have fun…meeting new people is always fun… it gives u a chance to meet ur potential plus make some new friends along the way.

5) You know u r truthly OVER  someone is when u see he is talking with some good looking girls & u could not careless.  You don’t find urself looking @ his direction to see if he is talking to a girl or a guy.  Then you know.  It’s hard to get to that stage believe me but you’ll get there.

so far that’s all i had learned…will keeep u updated as i go..