how long is too long?

Happy New Year!

yes i know…. it’s already into February…. it had been too long since i write anything partly because work had been hectic and i can’t seem to get into the site from work to write…..

let’s get to the topic of the day….. how long is too long?  yes…. let’s back up on the story… it had been going on for about over a month or two…. so there is this guy who said yea i like you…. i want to go out w/u….. then NEVER make an attempt to set a date or time to go out with me…. so let me ask u this question…. how long do you wait around for the guy to finally say let’s go out on X day?

once i got the message on Friday night was “what are you up to for the weekends?”  well my response “nothing much”  i left room for him to say yea lets go do this or that…. even cheap dinner would have been fine with me…. but you want to know what the response i got?  “yea so i’m doing this(…) on Saturday and on Sunday (…..) this….”  well all i can say was have fun….  but what i don’t understand and more confuse is i’m still getting i know i like you, etc… messages….

what even worse was i got another message the other day saying ” anything interesting going on tonight”  my response again was ” nothing much, just got some stuff done” then i got message with “well have a good night”

i simply don’t get this…. why do you need to know what i’m doing for the weekends or for the night if you have plans yourself already and have no plan on going out?  what i don’t get most is why am i still getting messages with i do have feeling for you….. yes that is why my post for today is how long is too long to wait for the guy?  well valentine day is just around the corner…. it’s not something that was going on for a week or two…. it is over a month…. my limit well if he doesn’t say anything by coming up weekends to go out then i’m out….  sometimes i don’t even get myself…. do i like him?  50/50….. he is definitely not someone who i would write off from the start and he does grow on me…. that is why i said 50/50….. he is definitely someone i would like to know more and see what happens next….

i love how my love life is beginning in 2011…. i hope your love life is going better than mine though….



Almost Over….

Aside from the other post i can’t believe this year is almost over…. i don’t know where i’ll be in 2 yrs from now on but i did accomplished so many tasks this year alone i couldn’t be prouder…. i do want to write about little bit of update on everything aka the guy i had been writing about, the job, the life…. i know i said i’m not going to write about him anymore but i think before the year end i should one last time….

i hope this year had been good to you guys…. would love to hear about your accomplishments and your goals…..

Life Passed By…..

i love writing here but unfortunately i can’t get into this site from my work…. so many topics the top of my head i want to write about but by the time i got home i can’t remember them at all…. i missed out on the weather, news….  i have no ideas what is going on with the world…. i can’t even see the window for crying out loud…. there could be rain, snow, sun outside and i wouldn’t have a clue….. time just passed by while i stared at my work computer screen…. can we have both have a little bit of life reading news or checking what is the weather will be like tomorrow while making sure all the work got done in time….. is that possible?  well unfortunately, the answer is no….. i’m so busy to the fact i should be glad it’s not time for me to stay more than 8 hrs a day…. what happen when the time come when i have to stay more than 8 hrs & not get pay for it…. will i be ok with it?  is that come with going up the ladder at the work place?  is that part of sacrificed?

i can’t even tell myself if i’m going up the ladder or not…. but in the long hull i’m not sure i like being stuck in the cubicle that is tall that i can’t even see a single person that passed by my desk…. without windows to look at outside or have time to check out the weather is that worth it….. yes i’m glad i’m doing a bit of challenging job but at the same time i can’t tell if that is what i want in the long run…. how does one know THIS is the company they want to retired?  how do they know if that is the career they want to be in?

what would you do?

what would you do IF….

-your current job is better than your last job but u know this is not the company you want to retired?

-you have coworker who ALWAYS say negative things about other coworkers & tell you not talk to them but very friendly toward them herself?

-you have coworker(the same one) who you know you can’t avoid talking to but felt like everything you said will get twisted and said back to the other coworkers & managers?

-you have to work overtime with NO PAID?

-you felt trap in the tall cubicle?

-you don’t hate your job yet but you felt like mentally tired because of your responsibility?

-you have no time to write your random thought on wordpress?

-you felt like some people in life seem like they’re nice but deep down you know in your heart they’re sabotaging you?


LIFE IS A BITCH isn’t it?

Where am I?

It had been so long since I actually write about my life. I can’t get into this site from my job. Yes I know. I m surprise myself it is happening as well. From day one i can’t get into the site. I miss writing. I miss discovering someone else blog. How can they be blocking sites? I can’t even read my daily news. Yes my favorite news site are not displaying correctly. None of the site are blocked as in you can’t type the site name. The format and font even picture are not displaying correctly. It mean goodbye news, goodbye writing. I read an article once & actually I think several people had pointed out to me that people are more productive if they have break between their work. That is one thing I miss about my old job. Not only I was working but I also discover alot about myself. Somehow i felt like I don’t know myself anymore. I can’t see the window, the cubicle are high = I m not going to know anyone here. Is this what I want in life? No window to look at. No news from outside world to read. My phone internet can only take me alittle. Not fast enough to know what is going on. The small screen can only provide limited information.

We all have to start our career somewhere right?

The right decision….

Today I finally realized I did make the right decision by quitting….. there is so much details involved but believe me people are leaving left and right here(not because they wanted to–i don’t know the whole details)….  In a way i think eventually I would have been let go instead I took a chance & said I’m quitting….

Believe me when I said it i felt like my voice was shaking…. i know myself…. the tone was my voice was nervous and still doubting myself did i make a right decision… Now I know…. I did make a right decision… I’m not sure it’s just me but I just read an article when is the time to let go of your job…. such a perfect timing to read the article…. either way…. last day…. Aidos!

Excited, Nervous, Scared—-that’s all i’m feeling right now but in a good way…. =)  Have a great weekends…..


it’s half way through the week already….. i felt like time is going fast and there is nothing i can do to stop the time even for a second…. i might as well stop & smell the roses along the way and enjoy my life…..  i must admit for this time of the year the weather is good compare to other years…. this is just random post but i do want to thanks to some of you who left comments…. i did get a chance to read them all…. i still haven’t had a chance to browse myself with different feature on word press…. i haven’t had a chance to read most people post on the site either except the one that are freshly pressed….  if there is specific topic u guys are more interested in i’ll be more than happy to write about it….

i seem to be writing about relationship topic lately…. my daily new post is based on what happen the day i’m writing or the day before…. so it’s random…. this is more like my own diary….. have u guys ever save term paper or essay from Middle School, High School or even College?  i do save some random paper & every time i looked back i love how my handwriting have change over the years…. i love to read what i wrote & laughed/learned at my own mistakes i made on the paper….i do hope one day i read back all those posts i wrote and all the heartache trouble i was feeling & be able to laugh about it….

on a separate note—- i do miss traveling…. since my brand new job =) will be starting next week i’m not going to have time to travel much till next year…. but it seem like it’s for the best considering i’m broke…. i might as well save some cash for myself for the holiday….. i’m counting down the time to leave work…. have a fabulous day!